Fall Newsletter 2019





 Dear Clients and Friends,


Our lives can get hectic as we go into the fall and the upcoming holidays. There always seems to be so much to do and sometimes we can start to feel overwhelmed.


Being stressed and overwhelmed keeps us from being in touch with our creativity, awareness and joy in life. We are not our best selves and it can feel hard to be present.


If living in this unbalanced state is our normal daily experience, it can be such a loss of our life’s potential and can eventually lead to some type of illness.


The opposite of this is to be and feel Centered.


Being Centered means that we have an increased ability to respond more smoothly and effectively to life’s challenges


When we are consistently stressed, our brain synchronization decreases which reduces our ability to make good decisions.


Being Centered gives us a calmer mind and body, higher brain integration and better behavioral outcomes. We suffer less and enjoy life more.


The way to get more Centered is to remove the held-onto stress from our life experiences.

This allow us to fall back into our truer being or nature which is calmer, more creative and more loving.


While this sounds easier said than done, it’s like rebooting a computer that has gone into a dysfunctional mode. We just restart it without the dysfunction (stress), and it starts to function more efficiently and more powerfully.


I have found that Energy Healing is one of the most powerful

methods to accomplish this.


Just a reminder of what I do:


• Improve the ability to be Centered             • Remove trauma


• Reduce depression, anger or fear               • Improve relationships


• Increase the body’s ability to heal after an accident or operation


• Increase the body’s ability to heal during an illness


• Increase the life force and healing of your pet


• Energetically clear houses and business locations to make them more vibrant and healthier.


Wishing you a beautiful fall and stress-less holidays,


Chris Stopa

Fall Newsletter 2018


Hello Clients and Friends,

I hope that you are able to spend some time enjoying the beauty of fall as the beautiful colors unfold.

After spending the summer in travel or vacation mode, fall is the time when people start re-focusing on the things in their lives that need improvement.


I decided to address family and interpersonal relationships for this newsletter.


When two people interact, there are subtle connections being created between their chakras, or the energy centers, between them.


Chakras are energy points or centers in the body that move life energy as well as take and receive energy from the outside world. The seven chakras that are most involved in energy connections and exchanges between individuals are located along the midline of our bodies, from the top of our heads to the base of our spines.


Each chakra, as related to relationships, has a purpose.

The first chakra located at the base of the spine helps us connect to the Earth. It allows us to feel grounded, strong and present.

The second chakra is located half-way up from the pubic bone and navel, helps our sexual and creative connections.

Our third chakra is located in our solar plexus and is related to how we deal with power in our relationships.

The fourth chakra is our heart chakra and relates to our love connections to all beings and things in our lives.

The fifth chakra is located in our throat area. It relates to speaking our truth and expressing emotions.

Our sixth chakra is our seat of intuition as well as the exchange of ideas and understanding each other. It is located in the middle forehead above the eyes.

The seventh chakra is not often used in relationship healing work, but it is our connection to our higher spiritual self, beings and realms.


Chakras in action as a relationship evolves


When two people first meet, and they start exchanging information about a topic, their initial chakra connection might be between their sixth chakras.


As they spend more time together and start discovering they like each other, the connection that usually develops next is through their fourth chakras (heart).


 If they go on to have a full love relationship, connections develop between their second chakras (sex/creativity).


Sometimes, the fourth and second chakra connections are reversed, and people have sex before a love connection.


If the relationship involves deciding things together and asserting each person’s opinions in the decisions, then the third chakra ( solar plexus – power) is involved.

If they express strong feelings about things to each other (speak their truth), they can then connect through their fifth chakra (throat).


Energy connections between the two that develop over time, through their chakras, are called “Karmic Strings” or “Karmic Connections”.


Some relationships develop stress over time. If each person feels and possibly expresses their anxiety and/or negativity through their thoughts and actions, the Karmic Strings between them can get clogged up with this stress.

Connections between them may become severely reduced.

This is a main reason that couples have problems hearing each other, sharing power in the relationship, or having a loving sexual relationship.


To makes things more interesting, we each come in to new relationships with the baggage of our past relationships.  Often, emotional or physical abuse in past relationships with parents, siblings, peers, co-workers or ex-spouses, has created in a us a protective tendency to close up and restrict the flow of energy in and out of our charkas. Our energy is all stopped up, not flowing and the stress just builds. There is a need for us to change this tendency if our present relationship is to improve and succeed.


The bottom line is that many of us are possibly not experiencing the joy and fulfillment possible in our relationships. This happens because either our chakras are stressed and closed, or the connections between ours and the other persons are clogged with stress.


My education and background are in Marriage and Family Therapy. When I was in grad school in the M.F.T. program, the director told me that 85% of those coming in for marital therapy would end up in divorce. I found it hard to accept that number.


I realized early on, that many individuals in family therapy sessions were working with only part of their potential for love, understanding and compassion due to emotional blocks somewhere within them.

Years later it was very satisfying for me to see how applying Energy Healing to remove the stress both within the chakras and also within the energy connections between individuals, changed the outlook for many relationships.


Besides the terrible restrictions that damaged and clogged energy cord connections put on relationships, I have also read about other negative effects.


For example:

When the fourth chakra (heart) connections are stressed or hurt during unhealthy relationships the diseases that can result are: heart pain, palpitations, damage to the actual heart, and atrial fibrillation


When third chakra (solar plexus) connections are stressed, the results can be hypoglycemia, diabetes, ulcers and indigestion, sluggish liver or liver cancer.


When the Second chakra (sex/creativity) connection is damaged the results can be low sex drive, impotence, inability to conceive, prostate problems, vaginal cancer or infections, inflammation of the pelvis.


When the fifth chakra (throat) connection is damaged, the results can be thyroid problems, lung diseases and goiter.


When the sixth chakra (intuition) connection is damaged the results may be headaches, confusion, mental disorders such as schizophrenia and learning difficulties.


These chakra connections appear to be integral to our mental, physical and relationship (emotional) lives.


It has been my joy to see how something as simple and natural as energy healing of the Karmic strings between two people can bring their relationship into balance and fulfillment.

Summer News Letter 2018


Hello Clients and Friends,


I hope that you are having some fun experiences this summer!


As you’re aware, I work in a lot of areas of energy healing. I decided to focus on one area per quarterly newsletter to better acquaint you with each aspect of my work.




I picked Trauma because studies have found that 89.7% of the national population has experienced a form of trauma in their lives.


That means that you or someone in your family has probably experienced trauma.


Trauma has been found to change the way the brain works.


The different parts of the brain work as a team and are designed by nature to work together. Traumatic stress shorts out this interconnection.


The stress from traumatic events can decrease connections between the different areas of the brain. This can create a situation where some parts become overactive and others underactive.


This translates into heightened anxiety, emotional meltdowns, trouble with focus, and a reduced ability for the brain to find solutions to the life situations we encounter.


Trauma can rob you of parts of your life.


 For example:

  • A car accident can make the driving experience highly anxiety provoking.


  • The loss of a career can dampen our ability to secure another career that matches our potential.


  • An abusive parent can lower our self-respect and reduce our potential for parenting.


  • Being teased or bullied by classmates, friends, family or co-workers can create depression, social isolation, and an increased possibility for substance abuse and suicide.


  • A bad breakup or divorce may make it harder for us to trust and open ourselves to another deep relationship.


  • A sexually abused child can lose self-respect and may find that they have a hard time developing, trusting and sustaining deep loving relationships.


  • The person who has to deal on a daily basis with an overly demanding and harsh boss may find that the stress incurred at work comes out at home, making interactions with family members more stressful and potentially harmful.


These are just a few examples from my clients that are common to many of us


Reduce and remove the trauma-induced stress


To function better on a daily basis, I have found that helping the body release stress has to be included in any healing protocol.  


The body is designed to function at a very high level of efficiency.  What keeps it from doing so is stress.


The built-up stress from a severe experience of trauma or sustained moderate traumatic experiences will continue to irritate and destroy our ideal functioning long after the events causing it, stop.


 Reduced stress leads to…

  • the healing and reconnecting of the body and mind so they become a more integrated unit.


  • the brain function now becomes more effective in dealing with the complexities of life.


  • the glands and organs that are responsible for providing energy in the body and a balanced response to the environment become more stable and durable when under stress. They do not over respond to stressors.


Please Note:

The type of Energy work I practice provides healing energy frequencies that are specifically tailored to aid the physical and emotional body to remove the exact type of stress a person has accumulated in their mind and body.


It provides a relatively quick and smooth healing experience.


Energy Healing Specialties

• Depression                                 

• Trauma/ Stress

• Learning Disabilities               

• Brain Injury

• Relationship Healing              

• Strengthen the immune system

• Balance the body systems and increasing energy flow       

• Remove stress and karmic blocks to enlightenment

• Pet Healing

• Clear Stress from Houses, Shops and Offices to create more healthier spaces and also help attract buyers for house sales and shops

Spring 2020 Newsletter


Dear Friends and Clients,


This spring has brought us a large challenge in the form of the Corona Virus.

Each week seems to bring changes to our daily lives that we could not have imagined just a few weeks ago.


One of the biggest problems that many of us have is dealing with the stress and anxiety from facing the unknown. We do not know yet how many individuals in the US actually have the virus and how deadly our symptoms could become. It’s an invisible force that we do not have much control over.


Physicians say that feeling stressed is not helpful when facing a strong illness like the Corona Virus. When we are stressed our immune system can become much weaker.


I am an energy healer and I feel that it is my responsibility to share with you how I can help.


Energy work can reduce pent-up anxiety and help you feel more grounded.  Some of my clients have already contacted me to help them reduce their stress reaction towards the illness.


The second thing I feel that I can do is aid in the fight against the illness if you do catch the virus.


If you have had any experience with a successful medical intuitive, they will tell you that every illness has a certain vibration. The Corona Virus has a specific vibratory feel to it. When it is weakened or gone, the person starts to feel vibrationally closer to the resonance of their normal healthy self; calmer and slower.


To be clear, I am a therapist and an energy healer but not an experienced medical intuitive. I am able to discern the specific vibrations of the illnesses I’ve worked on.


I recently had the opportunity to work on a middle-aged woman who appeared to have the Corona Virus after being around some infected individuals on a cruise ship.


I was not sure what would occur during the session, but after a period of time her energy abruptly reverted back to a normal human body vibration. I am not sure that I totally got rid of the virus, or if the woman’s natural immune system was already very strong and my energy work helped push her body into a safer state. However, something distinctly positive happened and I thought, given the gravity of this illness, that I should mention this experience to you.


Until I have done healing work on many Corona Virus individuals, I will not have a definite idea of what my success rate is, so there are no guarantees. You should, of course, still seek all of the conventional health assistance that you can access if you think you have the illness. For some of us, this can be life or death.


Before you get sick, may I suggest that if you are regularly feeling highly stressed about the disease, consider working with me to try to lower your anxiety level to help your immune system stay as strong as possible.


If you get sick, I suggest trying a session or two to see if the energy work and your immune system can get the better of this horrible disease.


Please note that any healing work done on a physical illness is done long distance.



A reminder of the issues I specialize in:


Reducing stress and trauma


Increasing grounding (centering)


Improving all types of relationships


Strengthening the organs and functioning of the body through stress release and an infusion of healing energy. This includes strengthening the immune system and aiding the body in removing illness.


Clearing stress and stagnant energy out of our homes and business environments. This helps to maintain a healthy living/work environment and also helps with selling your home if that is your intention.

2018 Created by Linda Cahan

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