Case #1 T.S. was emotionally abused as a child. As a highly intelligent adult, she rarely felt competent in her life's pursuits. She also found that the past emotional abuse kept her from setting her life's goals (career and relationships) high enough to feel fulfilled when she achieved them. Energy Healing focused on helping her let go of the feelings of inferiority (stress congested liver) and to trust herself, the world, and to contact the reservoir of willpower inside her to achieve what she most wanted. The result was that she decided to go back to school to train in an occupation that she had desired since young adulthood but that she had been scared of trying. As she progressed, T.S. also found that she had enormous stamina, and felt confident and more relaxed on her path.

In her own words, "Chris, thank you for the work we've done. My career is finally on track."



Case #2 A.R. was a divorced mother of an eleven year old girl. She complained of intense digestive distress that was the result of the stress of co-parenting her daughter with her ex-husband. Energy Healing involved removing much of the anxiety and anger congested in the organs and also changing the energetic patterns between her and her ex-husband. One day, after several energy sessions, she found herself watching her daughter play sports when her ex sat down beside her. She found to her surprise that she was calm and that her ex-husband was friendly towards her. That was several years ago and she reports that the relationship between them remains amiable.

She says, "It's much easier dealing with him. There's so much less stress. I'm more relaxed and I feel a sense of relief."


Case #3 J.T. was married and feeling as if she and her husband were drifting apart. Intimacy had stopped and most daily interactions between spouses contained a strained, somewhat irritable quality. She felt as if it was only a matter of time before some big issue would explode the marriage and she was losing sleep worrying. Energy Therapy involved removing much of the anxiety and anger that was building up in J.T. Then, therapy focused on opening up and clearing the energetic connections between spouses especially in the areas of mental communication and heart connection (chakras 6 and 4 ). Following this treatment, J.T. found that she felt much closer to her husband and more willing to talk to him in a calm manner about their issues. She found that he also was feeling more relaxed and less irritable when they interacted. This led both of them to recommit to their marriage. This occurred several years ago and today they have a loving marriage and another child on the way.

She states, " I felt that working on this marriage was like facing an insurmountable mountain. After some energy sessions I was amazed to find that I was actually looking forward to being with my husband and working together to improve our relationship. We both feel closer than ever before. Thank you so much for the energy healing."


Case #4 K.A. had grown up with parents who were not loving and supportive. She married early and was divorced twice. She wanted a loving relationship with a man but could not seem to find the right one. The men she dated appeared shallow and critical. She finally stopped dating. She came into therapy for mild chronic depression, low energy, and an eating disorder. Therapy initially involved helping her discover some of the sources of her condition. Energetic connections between her parents and herself that were continuing to affect her self-awareness and behavior in a negative manner were removed. This had the effect of helping her to feel complete and "her own person" instead of the unloved child. She felt strong enough to let go of some of her pent-up sadness and frustration concerning her relationships with her parents and the past men in her life. After the healing sessions she felt more relaxed and stronger physically and emotionally. She was shown an easy technique to help her break impulsive eating habits and started to take care of her body and appearance. After several sessions she found that she felt much more comfortable around others and had attracted a really nice man into her life.

She said, " Thank you for this chance to really live my life. I didn't realize that there was such a simple way to change my bad patterns."


Case #5 T.R. had a great family and he liked his profession. His boss however really stressed him out. This person expected 110% all of the time and this played on T.R.'s need to overachieve and please those in authority. He found that the longer and harder he worked, his boss expected more and more. He didn't know how to create boundaries. The stress caused him to start smoking cigarettes again and to take out his frustration on his family. He also was feeling constant stomach irritation and was worried about getting an ulcer. Energy Therapy focused on helping him to discover the source of his need to overachieve and please authority. Energy therapy then helped to release his stress and balance his body. His stomach problem diminished and he was more calm and considerate of his family. He was also strong enough to politely confront his boss about work limits. To his surprise, due to his calmness and inner strength, the boss agreed with his work goals and appeared to have more reasonable expectations

He wrote, " I cannot believe the changes occurred so smoothly. Little things started to improve after the first session and after several sessions my life was back on track. Thank you for this help."


“I have Chris clear all my real estate listings. I wouldn’t consider wasting my time to try to sell a
house without his assistance. We have had great results!”

Wendye Pardue, The Waring Team, William Ravis Real Estate, Norwalk, CT


“Chris, the house felt cleaner and better but what Iʼm really thankful for is that I got two bids on my
house right after you cleaned it and I sold it last week! Thank you so much!”

T.R., Scarsdale, NY

“When I walked into my mothers room at the hospital it felt fresh and happy. Nothing like earlier in
the day. Thanks for clearing it out and making it a more healing environment for her - and me.”

J.T., Norwalk, CT

“My family is getting along so much better now. Itʼs almost a shame to sell it! But, we got an offer the day
after you did your thing and I think itʼs going to happen.”

C.R., Malibu, CA


"I have found Chris to be the perfect blend of integrity and decency in his counseling and energy work. After coming out of a divorce there was a need to address some emotional issues that standard counseling would not have resolved. It has been my pleasure to have found such a good guide to assist me on my path in releasing old wounds which has allowed me to move forward with my life. I will always be grateful for his compassion and abilities and have highly recommended him to my friends. I have also called on him to assist my pets when it becomes clear that the issue is an emotional one and standard vet care does not have the answer."
J B., Portland, OR


"Pumpkin my cat is 17 now ... Since Chris has worked on him, Punky's perked up considerably ... shown much more interest in his food and other activities going on in the house, and sleeps less. In general he behaves like his younger self. After awhile the energy will fade and I have Chris give him another treatment which again improves the quality of his life."
J.D., Orange, CT


Kay R., Portland Oregon was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to proceed with the traditional treatment of surgery and chemo. She had heard that energy work could help her keep her energy and attitude up, so she contacted Chris for several Energy Sessions. Although she experienced some of the symptoms of the chemo treatment, she found that it was not as intense as she had feared.

She stated that the energy work helped her get through the exhausting process more smoothly and helped her handle her daily family responsibilities better during the treatment period.


Barbara L., Milwaukee, Oregon had stroke at age 48. She could talk but was mentally foggy and had trouble with the right side of her body. This made walking and accomplishing tasks that needed both hands a real effort.

Physical therapy helped her improve somewhat in her mobility but after awhile, she felt she hit a wall and things did not seem to be improving. Over time this started to affect her emotionally and she felt down all the time.

She found out about Energy Work and started a sequence of once a week and then once every two weeks sessions that lasted three months. After the first session, she stated that she felt a lot more physical energy. After the second session, she reported that she was not feeling as depressed about her life situation.  As the sessions progressed she remarked that her mind felt less cloudy and her memory was better. She also said that because of having more energy. She was now able to do her daily home physical exercises given to her by the physical therapist. She also stated that her balance and ability to walk improved, as did her ability to use her right hand for daily tasks. While not a physical therapist, it appeared that her physical disability due to the stroke went from about 50% to about 20% during the three months she worked with me.



Joy J. NYC, NY. Joy’s daughter was really sick and although she had seen a doctor, her child was still not showing strong signs of recovery. Two energy work sessions were done within three days. The mother stated after the first session that the daughter appeared to have more life in her. The next day the mother stated that the daughter was starting to come around with her fever dropping and other symptoms reducing. A second session was used to give the daughter an extra energetic push to maintain the healing. Later in the day of the second healing, the mother said she felt her daughter was acting and looking almost fully healthy again.



 Karen V. Los Angeles, California is mother to Bobby. Bobby was 8 years old and although his parents thought he was above average intelligence, he was having a hard time in school. He was always getting into trouble because he was talking at the wrong times, or bothering other children when they were trying to do their schoolwork.  Sometimes he also blurted out things in class that were inappropriate, especially when he was asked to wait his turn. He would lose his temper regularly with classmates, and in general could not stay focused on his own schoolwork.

He was diagnosed as possible ADHD by the school.

ADHD is caused by certain parts of the brain (frontal lobe) not working properly as well as in conjunction with other parts of the brain.

Energy work with Bobby involved giving his parents a description of some exercises for him to do at home that would help integrate his brain. Then, three sessions of energy work were done, once every two weeks. These helped remove the stress in his brain which blocks brain integration. The healing energy gave Bobby the ability to help his body create more and stronger brain connections. In other words, the goal was to get the different parts of Bob’s brain to work together better so that his focus improved and his over- impulsiveness was reduced.


After the 6 weeks, Karen stated that she felt his focus improved significantly, and that his teacher had noted an improvement in his classroom behavior and academic performance.


Rena J., Seattle, Washington, mother to Janice.

Janice was 12 years old and having a progressively harder time with her studies. She knew how to memorize well, but she was having a hard time understanding concepts in her junior high school classes, especially science. It was as if she heard the details of what was said and what she read, but didn’t have an understanding in her mind of how these details went together to create meaning and therefore, comprehension.

She had a learning disability where both sides of her brain were not cooperating in the learning process.

Usually the left-brain picks up details and shunts them over to the right brain to start to form a picture of what all the details mean.

Energy work helped her integrate the left and right hemispheres of her brain. Showing Janice and her mother, Rena, some simple exercises to get the right and left-brain working together, did this. Then, two Energy Sessions were done to remove stress in her brain (and the rest of her system) that may be hindering greater integration. Following this, energy was given to her brain again to help it build up more effective connections between the right and left hemispheres.

Rena stated that several weeks after the two sessions ended she started to see Janice perform better in school, especially in her science class. She said she felt that the Energy Sessions and practicing the brain exercises a few times a week were helping her daughter reach her potential in school.



 Steve, R., Tualatin, Oregon was having a hard time driving after his car accident. Right before the accident, he was driving on the freeway in the extreme left lane at rush hour when a car from the middle lane cut into his lane without looking. He plowed right into the side of Steve’s car. To make matters worse, the car following Steve was tailgating and hit his car as well, as Steve slowed down from being hit by the middle lane car.

Amazingly, he was not seriously hurt, but became phobic of driving, always feeling that someone may suddenly jump out of nowhere and collide with him. His anxiety was especially great when somebody followed close behind,

Steve was suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress. Stress shorts out our brain connections, reducing brain integration. When the brain is integrated, all the parts work together like a symphony to handle the situation. When integration is reduced, parts of the brain become over-active, creating an emotional overreaction. Other parts of the brain that could balance the response to stimuli are reduced in function or cut off. Further stressful situations, especially if similar to the original stressful event are then not handled in a balanced manner. We overreact.

The Energy Healing solution to this is to remove the stress from the brain, the body and in some instances, the senses involved. Then, give the body the appropriate energy to recreate integrative connections between all the parts of the brain.

This process was done with Steve and he reported after the sessions that he felt much more grounded and relaxed while driving on the highway.

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